Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Patching

Asphalt is extremely durable with the proper maintenance and repair. Heavy traffic and weather can cause dips and small cracks in asphalt and our professionals take the time to determine the best treatment method, whether it be hot or cold asphalt patching, to quickly and effectively repair the surface. We take extra care to restore surfaces to their original smooth state and ensure the highest level of durability against future wear and tear.

Pot Hole Filling

Potholes are formed when water leaks into asphalt surfaces, freezes and expands. The expansion causes an uneven surface, eventually forcing out dirt and gravel to leave behind a hole. The Midwest is full of potholes and we offer superior pothole repair service using hot mix asphalt or cold patch fill. Our professional staff will make sure potholes are thoroughly cleaned and free of all debris before filling. Precise preparation and care is taken in placing the pothole filler, to ensure proper bonding and long term durability.

Catch Basin Repair

Catch basins are installed to provide proper drainage of water in parking lots and other wide surface paved areas. Because water is the biggest factor in the deterioration of concrete and asphalt, catch basins are often in need of repeated maintenance. Deterioration of the asphalt around the steel basin and the freezing and thawing cycles of Midwestern winters can cause an uneven surface, cracked mortar, broken grates or sinkholes. We offer catch basin repair that is specific to damage, ranging from asphalt and concrete replacement to the installation of new grates, rings and mortaring. To avoid vehicle damage and personal liability, it is important for property managers to have catch basins inspected and repaired regularly.

Target Milling

Target milling is a method of resurfacing that properly repairs deteriorated asphalt. The damaged pavement is quickly removed to a desired depth using a milling machine to create an even surface. The surface is then thoroughly cleaned of all debris followed by the application of a tack coat. A new layer of asphalt is then applied to the milled surface, evening out the difference in the old and new areas of pavement. The target milling process that we offer is fast, minimally disruptive and significantly cost effective.